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Miranda Hirezi-Mugnier 
Expert Arabic Translator/Media and Cultural Consultant
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"Do unto Others what you would unto you," describes Miranda at best.  Because she expects total dedication and excellence from others, she gives them the same but with an additional pinch of personal caring and attention. 

1) Arab media summary reporting customized to your needs;
2) Arabic Translation of Intelligence and counterterrorism related material
2) Cultural Consultant on Arab customs, belifes, and Islamic Jihad doctrine.
3) Testing, Monitoring, and evaluating potential translators
4) Proofreading of intelligence/counteterrorism translation
About Miranda Hirezi-Mugnier
Miranda Hirezi-Mugnier is an Arab American of Palestinian origin, who migrated to the United States in 1991 with her husband and three children to join her parents and siblings who were already US citizens.  Though she studied to be an economic researcher, which she did while living in Kuwait, she found herself drawn more and more towards translation.  The 9/11 attack changed her life forever, when she found herself working on one of the very first translation generation that was tracking Al Qa'ida online.  She was personally responsible for the translation of many of the newly emerging terrorist group names and statements issued then by Bin Laden, Abu Yahya al-Libi, Al-Zarqawi [who was the founder of ISI], and Zawahiri. Between 2002 and 2010, she emerged from a senior translator, to a team leader/quality controller/ to a site manager of a translation unit of 68 translators and editors operating overseas. In 2010, she returned to the USA and revived her translation company.  
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Committed to serving humanity and saving lives. 
Miranda is a recipient of many awards, promotions, and recognitions.  A year before receiving her Employee of the Year Award for the Department of Defense from her employer then, STG, Inc. much before her promotion as a Site Manager of a government contract on one of the US Bases in Qatar, her boss wrote the following in her appraisal: 

"Miranda is the most fantastic linguist supporting the Open Source Center contract Her work at the Web Research Unit (WRU) provides the cornerstone for the bulk of the analysis done there. She routinely accepts the toughest, longest assignments available, and works her heart out until the requirement is complete. She is a hard working, very intelligent linguist who is also gifted in people skills and is a huge help keeping employees from various ethnic backgrounds contented.

Because of her prowess as a linguist and her knowledge of the project's specific procedures, I have made a mentor for all newly assigned Arabic linguists. As such, she is the person with whom the newly assigned people spend the bulk of their time. Her magnetic personality, great spirit and enthusiasm and intellect combine to make new employees' experiences completely beneficiaL

Within the next 3-4 weeks, Miranda will assume the role of head Quality Control linguist for the Jihadist Team at the WRU. I have made this selection based on her demonstrated readiness to take on more responsibility and to assist the team."

Within a year, Miranda was promoted to the Quality Control Linguist, then to a Team Leader, and later as the Site Manager of a translation contract for the Department of Defense overseas. 

In 2010, Miranda resigned from her job as the Site Manager, and moved back to the United States to resume the management of her already existing translation business.  She expanded her company to include all languages, and to serve people, government and companies from all walks of life, under the name of Arabic Translation Services at www.arabictranslationservices.net.  The said company offers translation in all languages.  Its clients list includes Government [such as the Department of State], non-profit organizations such as USAID, and CRDF, companies such General Dynamics, and Merryl Brink, museums such as Boston Museum of Art, Immigration and criminal law firms, and individuals who are processing their immigration papers, etc.